Current Diesel Prices in Mangalore, Karnataka

Find today's and tomorrow's Diesel Prices in Mangalore, Karnataka from all Oil Marketing Companies (Indian Oil, HPCL, Bharat Petroleum). Now Diesel prices are chanaged every day. New revised prices are applicable from 6 AM in the morning. You can find lowest Diesel prices in your city Mangalore here. Scroll down for latest and historical Diesel prices in Mangalore. Or find the Petrol, Diesel prices in other cities.

Diesel Prices in Mangalore Today and Tomorrow:

Fuel Retailer New Price/Rate (Rs/Ltr) Changed/Applicable Date
Shell Diesel price in Mangalore on 25 February 2024 Shell Oil91.1225 February 2024
Shell Diesel price in Mangalore on 24 February 2024 Shell Oil91.1224 February 2024
Shell Diesel price in Mangalore on 23 February 2024 Shell Oil91.1223 February 2024
Diesel price has been recently revised on February 24,2024. The new prices which includes international crude oil prices, INR-USD exchange rate and state levies, will be effective from morning 6 AM of 25 February 2024.
After this revision, a litre of Diesel in Mangalore will cost Rs 91.12/litre at Shell Oil.
There is substantial difference in these prices among state, cities and fuel retailers. Revision in retail selling price of Petrol and Diesel in other cities are also available on

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Latest Diesel Prices in Karnataka

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